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Jet&Yacht Charter Company is able to offer our clients an unprecedented range of aircraft for worldwide

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We have access to all the charter fleets in Europe,
ARussia, merica, and the Middle East

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More than 30 models of the aircrafts on your choice

Big choice of the aircrafts from light jet till VIP- Airliners

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Charter flights on the worldwide

Providing aircraft
during 2 hours

Quick reply and offers during 30 minutes 24/24

Our Fleet

Turbo prop

Light turboprop aircrafts are notorious mostly for short distance air trips such as short way connection between two close islands or two nearest airports. For instance,a flight from Nice to Palma de Mayorca. Turboprop airplanes are suitable for the purpose. Besides being perfectly reliable and comfortable the turboprop aircraft is well known by its great asset - a low freighting price.

King Air 200 / Pax: 7

Piaggio 180 / Pax: 7

Long Range

Transcontinental flights can make business-jets of this category. Such planes are equipped by all possible options which will help you to feel comfortable and in perfect security.

Falcon 7X / Pax: 15

Falcon 900 EX / Pax: 14

Challenger 605 / Pax: 11

Gulfstream G450 / Pax: 12

Challenger 604 / Pax: 12

Global 6000 / Pax: 14

Midsize Business

Midsize Business Jets category have a cabin of man's height. Such aircrafts are equipped with different multimedia functions that increase the comfort of flight. Midsize Business Jets also are capable to carry out air flights on more long distance, than Light business jets, and to transport bigger quantity of passengers.

Hawker 125-850 XP / Pax: 8

Citation Sovereign / Pax: 8

Learjet 60XR / Pax: 7

Citation XLS / Pax: 8

Super Midsize

The large and spacious salons with modern outfits such as comfortable passenger armchairs, small tables, phone, multimedia functions and a possibility of transformation of seats into high-grade berths will make flight as much as possible comfortable. Planes of this class are accompanied by stewardesses.

Legacy 650 / Pax: 13

Falcon 50EX / Pax: 9

Hawker 4000 / Pax: 10

Challenger 850 / Pax: 16

Challenger 300 / Pax: 9

Gulfstream G200 / Pax: 9

VIP Airlines

Usually it is a big plane of the scheduled regular airlines converted into luxe-class business-jet, and assigned to 18-60 passengers. Quite often in such planes there is a spacious salon for carrying out of business meetings and a separate office equipped with all necessary for business activity (phone, fax, etc.). Also onboard there is a bathroom and a bedroom where you can have a rest.

Boeing 737 / Pax: 19

MD 83 VIP / Pax: 19

BBJ / 2 / Pax: 19

A319VIP / Pax: 19

Boeing 757 VIP / Pax: 19


A private helicopter flight is supposed to bring you exactly at the point of your destination avoiding heavy traffic or a necessity of landing at the airport. In other words, the fast and comfortable flight insures your business success!

Bell Jet Ranger / Pax: 5

Eurocopter EC 155 / Pax: 5

Sikorsky 76 / Pax: 6

AS350 / Pax: 4

Aqusta 109 / Pax: 4

AS355 / Pax: 5

Small Business

Light business-jets are used for small quantity of passengers (5-7 persons). The design of such planes allows carrying out a taking off and landing at the small airports with a short runway that very often has huge value. Superlight and light planes are an ideal variant for flights across Europe.

Citation CJ1 / Pax: 5

Learjet 35A / Pax: 6

Phenom 300 / Pax: 7

Citation CJ3 / Pax: 7

Learjet 45XR / Pax: 7

CItation CJ2 / Pax: 6

For more information about the model of the aircraft, click on the photo.
List of charters updated regularly.

Our Empty Legs

What is the Empty Legs and how do we use them to save up to 50% of the total cost of the charter

EmptyLegs - is an private jet flight without passengers, on the return flight or outbound of an already booked trip.
When the route and dates are approximately the same as the dates of your flight - You can use it and save up to 50% of the cost of the charter.
Listed below are the lastest Empty Leg flights, which are updated daily.
Please note that the route and the date might not be fit your trip needs exactly.. when the route of Empty Leg flights coincide with your trip you can save up to 50% of the cost of the charter!
Also you can send your request for Empty Legs, and our managers will provide you the best offers for you.
Departure from Arrive to Available from Finish Type of the aircraft Pax
London (EGGW) Toulon (LFTH) 31 Aug 2015 31 Aug 2015 Falcon 7X 12 Request
Moscow (UUWW) Toulon (LFTH) 02 Sep 2015 05 Sep 2015 Citation Sovereign 9 Request

Our prices for popular destinations

Below you can see the approximate prices of charter flights to 20 popular destinations.
We have indicated the prices on the most popular destinations, and the jets that are used most often.
If in this section you do not find your destination,please send your request. - We will send you the best offer with several options of the aircrafts.

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